Street Painting!

7am-10am Sunday 29 March [pre-meet on Saturday 27 March]

Join in Brunswick’s largest collaborative street painting event ever! Designed and led by Tom Civil as a paint by numbers affair, you’ll be part of transforming Florence Street, Brunswick into a place of rolling hills and bubbling brooks. Tune in on Saturday to make teams and prepare to paint! Get in touch if you want to be involved. 😉

For more info go to



I’m excited to be a part of TACIT CONTEMPORARY ART’s annual contemporary printmaking exhibition! “EDITION 2015” opens next Wednesday the 11th at 6:30, at their wonderful gallery, 321 Johnston st, Abbotsford, Melbourne. Show runs 11 February – 1 March.
Featuring: Elizabeth Banfield, T J Bateson, Jazmina Cininas, Tom Civil, Louise Donovan, Kevin Foley, Peter Garnick, Zoe Geyer, Silvi Glattauer, Janet Goldman, Pete Gurrie, Carolyn Hawkins, Jodi Heffernan, Ying Huang, Kate Hudson, Kyoko Imazu, Sheridan Jones, Hyun Ju Kim, Deborah Klein, Damon Kowarsky, Kir Larwill, Anita Laurence, Marion Manifold, Soula Mantalvanos, Scarlett Mellows, Rachael Ness, Sharron Okines, James Pasakos, Cat Poljski, Stephanie Jane Rampton, Trudy Rice, Lisa Sewards, Georgina Whish-Wilson & Joel Wolter



“The Childrens Playground”, Thornbury Kindergarten, Melbourne.


“Amongst the Trees”, John St Early Childhood Co-Operative, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Prints for sale at Port Jackson Press

I’m very excited to announce that my prints will be now represented through the wonderful Port Jackson Press Australia! Check out the website for details of which prints are available or drop in to wonderful gallery on Smith Street Collingwood in Melbourne to check them out in person. I currently have 15 of my prints available, including many of my larger works. Thanks again to everyone’s support!

A Quiet Parade

Mural with Be Free in Fitzroy. The linked concept for this mural all came about kinda sub-consiously and developed as we painted it. The mural is near where the controversial proposed East-West tunnel will exit and we thought this mural celebrated alternative transport! Come on tunnel workers get on board!


Cecil Street Community Garden

Was a privilege to work with the Fitzroy Youth Centre, Collingwood Alternative School and members of the new Cecil Street Community Garden to create this 3D fence mural in Cecil Street, Fitzroy! For anybody who would like to get involved in the garden contact:

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IMG_5738 IMG_5739


Stick Folk exhibition

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Some photos of my recent exhibition ‘Stick Folk’ at Backwoods Gallery! Some artworks still available to buy if interested email me at Thanks to all who came and gave me support for this show! X

Three in a Tree


I was so excited to make this steel sculpture “Three in a Tree” for my recent exhibition at Backwoods Gallery, made with the assistance of the one and only Herbz at Rah Creations! The  sculpture is 2 metre diameter and made from 8 mm thick steel. I’m really interested in creating and installing some public artworks like this, if anyone has any leads contact me at Thanks!

(with thanks to Roger Hyland for the photo above)

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