Road Repair Map Murals! We did it! Thank you to all the organisers and amazing volunteer painters who made this road mural possible! This birds-eye-view topographic map mural of a scale of about 1:1 is a landscape architectural vision of what many of our roads could look like if we dug them up and repaired the soil underneath! The North Point on the East side of the road mural is perpendicular to the road and accurate to True North, a reference to this part of Melbourne that is all gridded North, South, East, West. The city as a compass!

The road mural is on Florence Street, Brunswick, near Anstey Train Station. With thanks to Kate Longley for some of these photos. For more on the Anstey Better Block Party that took place on top of this road paintingĀ go to: If anyone has any dream future large scale road repair map murals do get in touch to talk more. X Tom

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