FRESHWATER, Tunnel Mural along Gardiners Creek Trail

This short film by Nathanccp (@nathanccp) documents my tunnel mural process completed last year beside Kooyongkoot (Gardiners Creek) ‘Place of the waterfowl’ in the Burke Road Underpass Tunnel ,Glen Iris, Melbourne. Featuring Eels, Yabbies, tadpoles, molluscs, plants and more.
MURAL ASSISTANTS: star line-up! Alice Glen @alicelouisebetty Brody Xarhakos @brody__x Niqui Toldi @niquitoldi Jason Parker @jasonparkerart Baxter @baxter_tck Daniel O’toole @daniel.otoole Steph Hughes @_steph_hughes_
MUSIC: Daniel O’toole @daniel.otoole
TRAFFIC CONTROL: Costa and Jason
LIGHTING: Additive Lighting
Huge thank you to the local community for your support!

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