“Sweep Before Your Own Door” – Historic Anarchism T-Shirts

I’ve just printed some T-shirts with me good mates at While You Sleep.

The first two feature posters which were printed on a hand-made cut-out wooden fount and tobacco-tin press by pioneering anarchist activist and prolific graffiti artist J.A. Andrews in Sydney in 1892! Such amazing spirited words and designs. I thought I’d help spread the message, over a hundred years later….

Below: “Anarchism” and “Anarchy”, Sizes S/M/L/XL









And two of my own designs (Editions of 16):
Below: “Road to Nowhere and I’ll be Nobody” & “The Discussion”,┬áSizes S/M/L/XL









All T’s $25 each (plus $5 postage).
Please email me at civil(@)antimedia.net if you’d like one, or more!
(T’s will not be as krinkled as in these photos!)
I’ve got most T-Shirts in Mens’ and Womens’ sizes. And all come in Black or White.

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