“The Green and Gold and Red and Black” for Australia?

TheGreen&Gold&Red&Black - Woodblock print by Tom CIvil 2012

OK. Well, not really sure where the place is to put ideas like this out into the world. But I suppose ya got to start somewhere… and around “Australia Day” seems appropriate.

Mid to late last year I had this moment of realisation for a potential new flag for Australia. Now, I still have doubt about the flag; the building on top of the Aboriginal Flag, but I also love it. I love how it could celebrate a new colour palate for the country, a new path from the Red, White and Blue, but still with a strong combination of the old. The Green and Gold – the colours of so many existing uniforms – with Green representing new growth and new leaves (as well as from the Torres Strait flag) and Yellow the sun and the brilliant wattle flower, combined with the Red representing the red earth, the red ochre and a spiritual relation to the land, and Black, representing the Aboriginal People of Australia. I’d love to here people thoughts on the appropriateness of this flag.  X Tom


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1 thought on ““The Green and Gold and Red and Black” for Australia?

  1. Love the idea but possibly add the Southern Cross to the green side as it’s a big part of the original Australian flag 🙂

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