Ayr Street Shops, Doncaster

Thank you to the community for their support and trust and to Manningham Council for commissioning my latest piece of pubic art at Ayr Street South Shops, Doncaster, Melbourne! This playful ground artwork attempts to reflect on our connection to nature as we go about our lives in a heavily urbanised and concrete and asphalt covered world. The artwork is also about how the places we live in were in the past, and how they could be in the future. The ‘contour lines’ reference the topography of the land as a 1:1 scale map that we walk through. A compass is used as a simple practical guide in direction and navigating the city, with a sun and moons represented to show the passing of days and months. There are references to the local flowers of tea tree and eucalyptus, local lady bugs and dragonflies. I hope people find unexpected games within the design too, whether jumping from flower to flower, following a dot track or exploring the compass.

Keen to keep exploring this ground technique – please get in touch about any potential projects and ideas! Reach me at civilwalls@gmail.com.

All photos from the big final install day by Charlie Kinross!