Coburg Courtyard

My mural and ground painting for the new ‘Coburg Courtyard’.
I want to send a huge thank you to the local community for all their support! And a special thank you to Amber Stuart – program manager outdoor activations at Moreland Council – for her creative and practical support throughout the project! Also big thanks to all the crew at Schoolhouse Studios, in particular Anna Del Rio, Grace Dlabik, Kitty Wursthorn and Hollie Fifer. So great meeting you all, and so excited to see how the Schoolhouse Studio space continues to grow over the coming years – go check them out!
And much love to my paint support crew! Huge thanks to Micheal Fikaris, Christian Veins, Niqui Toldi, Betty Musgrove and Abbey Rich.
And thanks to Nathan CCP ( these incredible photos and videos!
These murals attempt to reflect on our connection to nature as we go about our lives in a heavily urbanised and concrete and asphalt covered world, and how the Covid lockdowns drove people to spend time in the nature corridors of the city along the waterways and parks, and now how we emerge from these strange past few years learning how to gather again. The murals also day-dream about how the places we live were in the past, and how they could be in the future. There are also references to tracks, paths and desire lines…
And also as I painted this I couldn’t help but think how this mural also references an ever changing environment which is forcing people to flee where they live due to floods, fires and wars.