Stick Folk exhibition

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Some photos of my recent exhibition ‘Stick Folk’ at Backwoods Gallery! Some artworks still available to buy if interested email me at Thanks to all who came and gave me support for this show! X

Three in a Tree


I was so excited to make this steel sculpture with the assistance of Herbz at Rah Creations for my recent exhibition at Backwoods Gallery. The “Three in a Tree” sculpture is 2 metre diameter and made from 18 mm thick steel. I’m really interested to create and install some public artworks like this, if anyone has any leads contact me at

(with thanks to Roger Hyland for the photo)


Above the Horizon

Above the Horizon

I have had the pleasure of working on a collaborative mural with young people at the Richmond Housing Estate over the past 6 weeks. We are proud to be launching the Richmond Estate Mural titled ABOVE THE HORIZON on Wednesday December 18th at the Richmond Estate, near the Basket Ball courts, from 4:30- 6:30pm. Come help celebrate! X Tom and the mural crew. Thanks to for the photo.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I’m very excited to have just made a special collaborative print with my brother Ned Sevil, “Looking Forward, Looking Back”. The image is made from a silhouette of the cardboard cut-outs we made for the shadow projectors in the Sevil and Sons Wagon in 2010.

Jenna at the Hungry Workshop letterpress printing the print in Bronze.

If you would like to buy a copy of “Looking Forward, Looking Back” by the Evil Brothers for $30 (plus postage) please email

Toot toot

I recently got to paint the caravan at the community picket in Fitzroy against the proposed East West toll road tunnel in Melbourne.


And below is a recent engraving in a rusty stop sign for an exhibition about this proposed toll road tunnel in Melbourne that was held at House of Bricks Gallery in Collingwood.